ПУТЧЁSELF [ putschyourself ] is an interactive documentary project that explores state violence, traumas of transition and collective memory prompted by the Soviet coup d'état of 19-21 August 1991.

The Soviet coup attempt by the communist hard-liners had provoked an act of civil resistance amongst the Soviet citizens. Thousands went out to protest on the streets, especially in Moscow. Their presence and determination greatly contributed to the demise of the USSR.

Initially supported by the Yeltsin Centre in Moscow we've been working on this project since 2011 and had a number of public screenings in Russia as well as in Britain. Amongst our contributors are notable artists and journalists as well as ordinary citizens of the former USSR.

london 2016

A two-part evening to mark the 25th anniversary of the Soviet Coup d’état and explore its legacy through art, discussion and music. FREE.

Part I - 25 Rebellion Rd. exhibition opening at Rich Mix Lower Café Gallery + drinks then move onto...
Part II - Dash Café evening: discussion, video and DJ set by Artemiy Troitsky in the Richmix Main Space.

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in public


  • Margarita Novikova

    Margarita Novikova is an award-winning artist-filmmaker born in Moscow; she holds a Master of Sound Arts degree from the University of the Arts London. She explores interactive storytelling aiming to engage people to listen to less heard voices and communities. She makes oral history and different collections of human stories interactive, accessible and captivating. She works across community projects, audio-video installations, and interactive documentaries.


  • Elena Michajlowska

    Originally from the Russian Far East, Elena Michajlowska is now based in London, where she has been working on documentary film productions for a number of years. Having completed an MA in Screenwriting at Westminster University Film School, she is focusing on writing and her work as a co-director of the Anton Chekhov Foundation.